sexta-feira, 20 de dezembro de 2013

Altan Urag - Banda sonora Mongol

Apanhei o filme "Mongol - A Ascenção de Gengis Khan" esta semana na televisão. O filme acabara, os créditos começavam a subir, e de imediato aquela música com umas vocalizações numa língua estranha ficou colada na minha cabeça.

Blue Mark

1. The blue sky in my land
    The golden sun forever rising
    The hills and vast valleys
    Four directions and eight corners
    Mighty mountains of Altai and Khangai
    The Empire of Outer Mongolia
    Under the name of Mongolia
    A true story of eternal prosperity
    The great Mongolia immortilised throughout
    With its great emperor Genghis
    Well known as the great sky
    The Mongolian nation with roaring hooves.

 2. Forever worshipping the fire and water
    And respecting the Earth
    Originated from the royals
    Eternally renowned, my Mongolia.
    Throughout its vast steppe exists
    Beautiful sound of Morin Khuur[i] strings
    Chorus supporting the long song[ii]
    Melodious singing for the race horses.
    The nation with luck and blessings
    Founded by Genghis Khan
    With history and culture of a thousand years
    The blue Mongolians descended from the sky.

3. Mother Hoelun’s[iii] kind teachings,
    Vertical script of ancient wisdom,
    Spacious vast steppe
    Cherished by our ancestors.
    From generation to generation
    Khar Khorum[iv] was our dwelling
    The Mongolian nation of this time
    Inherited this motherland.
    Blessed with having
    The sun, rising in the morning
    Born the Mongolian fate, eternal
    Inheriting the custom and tradition.

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